Dear Friends,

Since the day we entered into the envelope sector, we have always tried to provide our customers with the best and the best quality with great sacrifices. We have worked very hard for this and I assume we have achieved the “customer satisfaction” phenomenon we aimed at. For this reason, I owe everybody working in our company a debt of gratitude.

We foresaw that our way would be too long and tedious when we bought Zarfsan in 2001. Zarfsan lacked the technological level to serve the conditions of the day and the demands. But we determined our targets at the beginning. Zarfsan would become the biggest envelope manufacturer of Turkey in the future and it would become a company to export to many countries of the world.  We worked too hard for this, we made serious investments and bought high technology envelope, printing and roll machines. We improved our production capacities and entered into new markets. It became the biggest envelope factory of Turkey as we planned it to be and also became the pride of Turkey in this sector with the exports it made to 18 countries. Leading corporate firms, banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, IT and technology companies and many other companies from other sectors of Turkey and the world have become the customers of Zarfsan. We also improved our customer portfolio in stationery sector by going all the way to all provinces of all cities of Turkey.

I am proud of the where we stand now. Zarfsan brought a breath fresh air and a new understanding to the sector of envelope. Zarfsan has gained big appreciation from domestic and foreign markets by providing service beyond expectations, providing the best service and the best quality within the shortest time. I do not have a slightest doubt that our friends who have worked selflessly will continue to provide the best service with the same self-sacrifice. We reached this point as a team. We will continue our way by reinforcing our team, with a more corporate and more innovative structure.

Aytekin Kaya
Zarfsan Zarf San. ve Mat. Tic. A.Ş.
Chairman of the Board